Fianna Fáil Environment spokesperson Barry Cowen has said the first round of jobs losses arising from the creation of Irish Water in Offaly have been announced today.  Doolan Plant Hire has announced it is letting up to 11 staff go in Clara.

Deputy Cowen commented: “This is very bad news for Clara today.  Doolan Plant Hire has been providing water maintenance and support work for Offaly County Council for many years and has grown as a result of the work arising from local authority needs.  However, since the Government appointed its super quango Irish Water the firm has been told it can no longer expect to be a key delivery agent in water works in the county.

“I am very disappointed for the workers who have got this news today.  I think this is a perfect example of bad government decisions having a significant local impact.  Not only has Offaly County Council had to hand over millions of euro in local assets to Irish Water and residents face charges later this year, we’re now seeing jobs losses on the ground.

“Irish Water is a creation of Fine Gael and Labour.  They are responsible for its gold plated management structure, its multi-million euro consultant spend, its unnecessary and unacceptable bonus culture.  Clara will be directly affected by these job losses today and unfortunately I think we will start to see much more of this around the country.”