Fianna Fail Dublin City Councillor, Paul McAuliffe has said a greater number of Garda checkpoints need to be deployed across Dublin North West in an effort to deal with the crisis in the illegal use of vehicles including scramblers.

McAuliffe, who is also the party’s General Election candidate in Dublin North West, was commenting following yesterday’s dangerous collision involving a young boy in a Finglas housing estate. This is the second serious incident to take place in the area over the past ten days due to illegal joy-riding.

“My Fianna Fáil colleagues across Dublin and I have been warning of the emergence of illegal scrambler and quad bike use in housing estates and on public green space for over a year. We haven’t reached this point over night and we have fought for measures from Government to bring it under control,” he said.

“Continuing to offload the problem by suggesting that a cross-agency taskforce is going to bring it under control shows a clear lack of insight into the danger these vehicles are posing to the public on a daily basis. It’s a matter of time before someone is fatally injured and it’s now reached such scale that the only way to avoid that happening is deploying Gardaí on the ground.

“The fact that these individuals have gone so long without being reprimanded for the improper use of scramblers and quads has led to them on to joy-riding other vehicles for a thrill. They know they can get away with it. It might be confined to a relatively small group of people in Finglas Ballymun but Gardaí don’t even have the resources or power to contain those.

He concluded, “Meetings or talking shops won’t offer much protection to local residents or the public in the area this evening, tomorrow morning or even in the foreseeable future. Gardaí patrolling on the ground and operating checkpoints would send a strong message.”