Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Brendan Smith TD has called on the EU and the United States to reject comments made by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu where he stated there would be no Palestinian State while he remained in power.  The comments made prior to Mr Netanyahu’s election victory will further undermine any progress in finding a lasting peace settlement in the Middle East. Fianna Fáil has already called on the Government to fully recognise the State of Palestine.

Deputy Smith stated: “The comments by the Prime Minister of Israel that he will not allow the creation of a Palestinian state during his time in office must be rejected by the European Union and the United States. This latest pronouncement shows how dramatically Israeli policy has changed in its approach to the peace process talks with the Palestinians. The abandonment of the Two State Solution by Mr Netanyahu is very insightful and explains the actions of the Israeli government in recent years. It shows that the real intention of Israel at this time is to fundamentally undermine the ability of the Palestinians to have their own state. This is a despicable policy. The more aggressive and uncompromising approach to finding a pathway to peace is undermining the goodwill the international community has towards Israel.

“The Israeli government themselves have shown why there is such an urgent need to create a Palestinian state through their outrageous policy of withholding Palestinian taxes and further expanding illegal settlements on Palestinian territory. The abandonment of the Two State Solution by Israel has resulted in many parliaments calling for unilateral recognition of the State of Palestine.

“Ireland was the first European Union Member State to declare that a solution to the conflict in the Middle East had to be based on a fully sovereign State of Palestine, independent of and co-existing with Israel. Fianna Fáil in Government launched that policy position in 1980. Today we are reaffirming that call and ask that the Government fully recognise Palestine as a sovereign, independent state.”