Fianna Fáil Local Election candidate in Ballyfermot Drimnagh, Eoin Neylon has said the contractors employed to carry out Irish Water works in the city villages of Dublin 12 have treated locals with contempt.

Upgrade works which were carried out by Irish Water contractors in the Dublin 12 area during 2018 have left residents dealing with dangerous road and footpath conditions among other issues.

Eoin, who is a civil engineer by profession said, “The state in which a number of roads and paths have been left in parts of Bluebell, Crumlin, Drimnagh and Walkinstown is an utter disgrace. It has justifiably caused uproar among residents.

“As part of the contract for these works the contractors were permitted to put in a temporary surface for up to 8 weeks, however, in many locations, this ‘temporary surface’ has been in place between 6 and 8 months. This is completely unacceptable.

“It’s particularly unfair on the elderly people living in our community and those who suffer from disabilities who fear suffering a serious fall over rough, uneven surfaces. In a lot of places, it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

“I understand that upgrading the city’s water system is essential but water outages have become a regular occurrence and often without prior notice. During recent valve replacement works, the pressure testing conducted afterwards caused many pipes to burst both on main roads and in residential properties. Some households I have visited have also told me that the unexpected outages have caused damage to some of their appliances. Had people been given prior notice and told to take precautionary measures, this damage could easily have been avoided.

“I’d find it hard to believe that this would be tolerated in other, traditionally more affluent suburbs in the city. The slow response to requests to fix leaks has left tenants feeling let down and now they are fearful that they could be affected by lead piping given the age of the system in the area.

“Dublin City Council needs to conduct lab testing of the water supply to determine if this is the case so that homeowners can proceed with applying for the Irish Water Lead Piping Replacement Scheme.”