“No matter where you travel across the globe, Irish citizens are being protected by their membership of the European Union,” said Fianna Fáil’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Niall Collins as new consular guidelines from the European Commission increase the options for support for EU citizens.

Deputy Collins was commenting as new guidelines from the EU Commission means that if you are living or travelling outside the EU you will be able to benefit from Consular Protection from any EU consulate in the event of there being no Irish embassy or consulate in the country you are visiting.

“This is a really important change and one than can only enhance the protection of Irish citizens as they travel the world for business or pleasure.

“As we approach the busy summer holiday, and with more and more Irish citizens travelling to far-flung countries outside of the EU, this is a really valuable improvement. The EU’s diplomatic and consular reach is one of the biggest in the world.

“There are very few places on this planet that do not have an embassy or consulate of one of our fellow EU member countries.

“Articles 20(2) c and 23 of the EU Treaty and Article 46 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights which have now come into force means that Irish citizens are entitled to receive consular protection under the same conditions as the nationals of any other EU country.

“Consular Protection is made available in the following circumstances:

serious accident or serious illness
arrest or detention
being a victim of crime
relief and repatriation in case of an emergency
need for an emergency travel document (e.g., in case of loss or theft of passport)

“This is further evidence of the value of EU membership for Ireland and for our citizens. To find out about which EU member countries offer consular protection in your next holiday destination or business trip location, visit https://ec.europa.eu/consularprotection/content/home_en ,” concluded Collins.