Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Brexit Lisa Chambers is calling for assurances that Brexit will not be used as an opportunity to force Ireland to change its corporate tax rate. The Mayo TD made the call on foot of unconfirmed reports that some European Union member states may press Ireland on the issue of corporation tax reform in return for the bloc’s backing on Brexit.

Deputy Chambers said, “We are at a critical point in the Brexit negotiations and reports such as this are deeply unhelpful. Ireland stands to be affected by Brexit more than any other EU member state and resolving outstanding issues, and in particular the issue of the ‘backstop’, should be the sole focus of the negotiations.

“These reports play into the hands of those who want to create division and discord between member states and it is important that we as a bloc continue to focus on the issues at hand and exercise the same degree of solidarity and unanimity that has been shown to date.

“Ultimately, Ireland is a committed member and strong defender of the EU and I do not expect that we will have to pay a price for the solidarity of our colleagues. Brexit was not of our making or of our choosing, and the main focus now should be on reaching agreement on the terms of the withdrawal arrangement and avoiding a hard border in the island of Ireland, which runs contrary to the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process”.