Ireland should opt-in to the new law adopted by the European Parliament today on the sharing of information on road traffic offences according to Cllr David Grant.
The law which will come into force by 2014 will mean that motorists from one EU country who commit a road traffic offence in another, could not leave the country and go unpunished for their crime.  At present many escape punishment because of the lack of a clear arrangement in relation to the exchange of information between national police forces.
New rules that are now to be brought in will mean that the exchange of information will be compulsory and the perpetrators of road offences can be traced back to their home in any other EU country.
“Under the EU Treaties, Ireland, along with the United Kingdom and Denmark, must decide to opt-in to such judicial procedures and I believe that Ireland should do so without any hesitation.
Despite the good progress that has been made in recent years in reducing the number of road accidents we should be using all available legislation to go further and reduce the level of collisions and offences even more.
By being involved in this initiative Ireland can push to bring the legal process even further, as presently procedures for such prosecutions remain a matter for Member States and Ireland could press for laws that would allow for penalties to apply across the European Union” said Cllr Grant.