Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Climate Action, Biodiversity, Environment and TD for Cork South-West Christopher O’Sullivan believes that the IPCC report on climate change can come as no surprise to anyone.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported this week that climate change has now reached unprecedented and irreversible levels. However, the IPCC also states that the worst outcomes of climate change can still be avoided through sustained efforts to reduce man made emissions and by reaching net zero CO2 emissions.

Deputy O’Sullivan commented, “This report is a stark warning, but it is not surprising. We have known about the serious impact of manmade climate change for quite some time, and we have seen the results – uncontrollable wildfires occurring more frequently across the globe, record-breaking temperatures, severe drought and erosion as well as flooding along our coastlines.

“Ignoring the science for any longer will have devastating consequences for us and for future generations. Significantly the IPCC report also states that it’s not too late to reduce our emissions.

“We need bold action on climate change now. We’ve passed the climate action bill into law, which sets our emissions targets and now we need a good, robust climate action plan that gives us the tools and the measures to ensure we reach those emissions targets.”

Deputy O’Sullivan continued, “When we read reports such as the IPCC’s this week, we mustn’t allow them to leave our minds after a couple of days. These reports must persist with us and serve as a reminder of the stakes at play here.

“Too much airtime is given to climate change deniers whose proposed inaction would see rural Ireland devastated and coastal communities in places like Cork and Galway completely destroyed. Taking sustained action will save rural Ireland, not burying our heads in the sand,” concluded Deputy O’Sullivan.