Fianna Fáil Dublin City Councillor, Paul McAuliffe has told the Local Authority Chief Executive that additional resources are needed to respond to the illegal disposal of litter and household waste in communities in and around Dublin City.

Speaking during this week’s Council meeting, McAuliffe said, “Illegal dumping and littering is one of those things that until it’s glaringly obvious or problematic we tend to ignore it but these problems and the piles of rubbish on paths on LUAS tracks didn’t land overnight. It wasn’t just the actions of few that brought us to this scale of the problem, we all conveniently turned a blind eye and so we are all responsible.

“I was out walking myself in the Great South Wall/Sandymount area at the weekend and there wasn’t a single bin in 2km if not further afield. That’s just one of the immensely popular walks in the city and we should be making every effort to encourage people to keep the seaside clean rather than solely relying on volunteer efforts to pick up waste. One coffee stand owner along the route has had to resort to hiring his own help to organise clean-ups.

“I appreciate that DCC may regularly keep roads clear and respond to reports of fly tipping but the streets used daily in other town centres and villages tend not to be cleaned as often. That leads to residents and businesses in the outskirts of the Capital being left to deal with reams of other people’s rubbish.

He concluded, “It’s not just unsightly for there to be rubbish on our streets, walkways or beaches but its environmentally damaging too. We need to take better pride in our city and how we take care of it while teaching our young people to do the same.”