Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Communications, Climate Action and Environment Timmy Dooley TD has repeated his demands that an independent waste regulator be appointed to ensure fair practice in the waste collection industry.

Deputy Dooley said, “The recent decision by Panda to levy a significant increase on their customers with very little warning highlights the need for stronger consumer protection in the waste collection industry. In July 2017, Fianna Fáil successfully brought forward a motion calling upon the Government to establish an independent waste regulator.

“Instead, the Government provided a price watchdog unit that is so toothless and poorly devised that the Consumer and Competition Protection Commission has refused to take part in it.

“We have ample evidence of poor practice by a few unscrupulous actors in the waste industry. Certain companies refuse to publish their prices online and are even reluctant to disclose them over the phone to mystery shoppers.

“Household waste collection is a basic household service, like electricity and running water. If we do not want a massive increase in illegal dumping, then we need to ensure that customers can access waste collection at fair prices. For this to happen, we need a waste collection industry that is fair and competitive.

“For that reason, I am re-iterating Fianna Fáil’s demands that an independent waste regulator be established with immediate effect. I have also written to the Chair of the Communications Committee, requesting that the established price watchdog come before the Oireachtas Committee to provide greater clarity on their findings so far.”