Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Dublin, John Lahart TD has said that additional resources including large bins are needed to respond to the illegal disposal of litter across Dublin City this summer season.

He said, “It’s wonderful to see so many Dubliners and tourists visiting the city enjoying the sunshine this summer.

“As we all know, spells of good weather like this are somewhat rare in Ireland and we tend to bask in them when we can. It’s a popular time for people to come together and the peak summer season brings countless tourists to the capital.

“It’s great that people can enjoy this fantastic weather but the problem is that many do not clean up after themselves.

“Gardaí are working hard to patrol the city centre to deter any degree of anti-social behaviour but residents and businesses are left to deal with piles of rubbish left behind by those out enjoying the sun.

“Areas along the canal including Portobello and Harold’s Cross as well as beaches on both the North and South side of the city are being particularly badly littered.

“It is wrong to assume that someone else will be along to collect it because that’s not necessarily the case. I am urging members of the public recognise the need to take pride in our city and how we take care of it.

“It is imperative also that Dublin City Council respond to the litter problems during peak summer season by carrying out more frequent collections and by providing temporary large bins along the canal to encourage people to at very least bag their waste.

“We all need to be more conscious of how unsightly the rubbish left behind for others to collect is. It taints our unique landscape which so many travel to come see and more of the public should recognise the need to take pride in our city and how we take care of it.