Fianna Fáil General Election Candidate in Dublin Central, Mary Fitzpatrick has said it is bitterly disappointing that the North Inner City was yesterday named the dirtiest area in the country in the latest survey carried out by Business Against Litter.

Litter blackspots were also identified in places such as Oriel Street, Dunne Street, Sherrard Street Lower and Railway Street.

Mary said, “The North Inner City is a wonderful, vibrant place to live and work and so it’s a real shame that this survey has made such findings. It’s especially disappointing given the number of voluntary groups based in areas such as Stoneybatter and Summerhill that are focused on improving our environment.

“All these people are voluntarily giving up valuable time often after work to clean the canal, to clean our parks and our streets. It’s fair to say they are fighting an uphill battle.

“Under the last Fine Gael led Government, 40,000 low income households in the North Inner City lost their bin waver. There has been a direct correlation between the abolition of this waver and the increase in illegal dumping. There is no doubt about it. The reality is that these families are faced with difficult decisions; put food on the table and pay the electricity bill or pay for proper waste disposal?

“The consequence is a growing number of litter blackspots in and around residential areas and large amounts of waste disposed of on our streets. It’s never pleasant to see tourists visiting Smithfield, bins overflowing and rubbish strewn along the LUAS tracks.

“If we are to get serious about tackling litter and dumping in deprived areas of the Capital such as the inner city then we need to examine the possibility of re-introducing an affordable municipal waste collection service. An independent regulator to manage private waste collectors could also help make improvements in disadvantaged areas like the North Inner City.

“Maintaining a clean community must be shared responsibility and it is a task for us all to help contribute to. That effort must start at home, “she concluded.