Fianna Fáil TD for Lisa Chambers has hit out at HSE bosses for failing to allocate funding to progress additional capacity at the Emergency Department of Mayo University Hospital.  Management at the hospital submitted a business case to the HSE to address the serious overcrowding issues at the Department.

Deputy Chambers explained, “Anyone who has had to attend the Emergency Department at Mayo University Hospital is fully aware of the shortage of beds and space.  The sight of patients on trolleys in corridors is not unusual and long waiting times are now the norm.  The hospital urgently needs to increase capacity to improve the situation for patients and frontline staff, but new information sent to Fianna Fáil reveals that the HSE has not assigned funding to progress the necessary expansion.

“The Saolta Operational Plan for 2017 identified “capacity deficit” at Mayo University Hospital and said that “both short term temporary solutions and long term permanent solutions are being reviewed”.

“A business case for additional capacity was submitted to the HSE National Office outlining a three stage strategy to create additional assessment and treatment rooms and increase bed numbers.  Despite the Operational plan committing to “progress additional capacity MUH to address capacity deficit”, the HSE says it doesn’t have the finances to carry out the works.

“Once again we see MUH falling down the HSE priority list.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen a series of service reductions, an increase in waiting lists and serious overcrowding in our Emergency Department.  We hear time and time again from Fine Gael Ministers that they’ve secured the biggest health budget allocation ever – if this is the case, why is there not enough money to progress this much needed business plan?

“Minister Harris is presiding over some of the worst conditions in the health service in recent times and now, despite this much lauded big budget, there is no funding for MUH.  This isn’t good enough.  I’m calling on the Minister and the HSE to reassess the business case and ensure that funding is secured to progress it”.