Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly says figures provided to him indicate that the HSE appointed more than one manager a week over a nine month period between May 2018 and February 2019.

Data released by the HSE in reply to a parliamentary question reveals there were 1,353 people employed at National Director, Assistant National Director, General Manager or Grade VIII level at the end of February this year. This compares to 1,299 at the end of last May.

“There has been a remarkable growth in management positions in recent years. Indeed the numbers are now up by more than 600 since 2012. You will be hard pressed to find any other area of the health service where employment has grown at such a rate”, said Deputy Donnelly.

“Indeed some areas of the health service have seen staff numbers fall since last May. In fact, the number of Public Health Nurses employed by the HSE has fallen by more than 60 in the past year.

“The HSE will certainly assert that these new managerial appointments are crucial but many will be unconvinced by that. In any case, can they point to any other area of the health service where staffing levels have risen by more than 80 per cent since the end of 2012?”