Fianna Fáil Defence Spokesperson Lisa Chambers says the family of a corporal in the Defence Forces, which have been forced to register as homeless must be helped.

“I understand the family were refused rented accommodation by landlords unwilling to accept the Housing Assistance Payment. It is simply outrageous that a landlord should refuse to rent to a member of the Defence Forces with 17 years service”, said Deputy Chambers.

“We need clarity on this as to whether it is legal. My understanding is that a person in receipt of HAP cannot be discriminated against when renting and landlords cannot refuse to rent accommodation because a person is receiving a social welfare payment.

“This issue also highlights the challenges facing members of the Defence Force in making ends meet on a day to day basis. There has been a significant exodus from the service in recent years because of deteriorating terms and conditions. The retention crisis has been well documented and events like this will not help.

“The Minister and Defence Forces management must do all they can to find this corporal and his family a home. After seventeen years of service it’s the least they can do”.