The Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has admitted that he has no intention of publishing the Climate Change Bill in the near future, despite the promises made in the Programme for Government


Answering questions from Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Niall Collins in the Dáil yesterday (Thursday, 01 December 2011), Minister Hogan said it will be 2012 at the earliest before any legislation can be published”.


Deputy Collins commented, “Minister Hogan has quite clearly indicated that the Government has no intention of prioritising legislation on climate change. In the Dáil this week, he kicked the issue further down the road making empty excuses about why it will be next year “at the earliest” before the legislation will be published.


“What we need is a balanced approach to climate change, addressing the real concerns of the business and farming communities. Many people are concerned about a lack of leadership from the Government in developing and implementing a climate change policy.  We all know this is a real issue.  Flooding, heavy snow and cold snaps don’t just happen every 50 or 100 years, they are becoming yearly events.


“The Programme for Government states: “We will publish a climate change bill which will provide certainty surrounding government policy and provide a clear pathway fro emission reductions, in line with negotiated targets” .  Minister Hogan has shown no interest in this pledge since he was appointed, and has done nothing but kick it further and further down the road. 


“We cannot simply dismiss the very real environmental concerns outright and denying the impact of climate change on our domestic economy.  I am again calling on Minister Hogan to prioritise this matter and commit to publishing a Climate Change Bill in the near future.”