Cllr. Deirdre Heney, Fianna Fáil has accused the Labour Party of acquiescing with the City Manager and his proposal to privatise Dublin City Council’s bin collection service.

Cllr. Heney said that “Dublin City Council has provided a refuse collection and disposal service to the citizens of Dublin for 140 years.  Now the City Manager, with apparent backing from the Labour party, (the largest political grouping on the Council) wants to withdraw from the service”.

Cllr. Heney referred to a “recent briefing for Councillors by City Council management, when not even one Labour Councillor was present to hear about the Manager’s plans”.  “This to me” she said, “indicates that there was prior consultation, support or agreed acquiescence between the Manager and Labour Councillors to push the proposals through”.  Cllr. Heney is “strongly against the Managers wishes to abandon the bin collection service” which she added, “will mean that the City Council would also lose control of the waiver system and the setting of bin charges”. 

Cllr Heney says “the City Council, as the dominant operator in the refuse collection market, should be able to operate an efficient and effective service”.  She says that “walking away from the service is a sad reflection on Dublin City Council and abandoning it will not get my support”.  “The cost of payments to City Council pensioners and managerial overheads will still accrue regardless of whether or not they are costed against the refuse collection service.  Also, street cleaning, litter enforcement and recycling facilities will still have to be provided by the City Council”.  Cllr. Heney said “that what we need is effective management of the service and not abandonment of our citizens to the private market”.