Dublin City Councillor Deirdre Heney has expressed concern about the sale of lands attached to St Paul’s Secondary School on Sybil Hill in Raheny.

It follows the news that the religious order which owns the school has sold 15 acres of land adjoining the St. Paul’s to property developer Greg Kavanagh.

Cllr Heney is calling for a commitment that the school and local sports clubs which currently use these grounds will continue to be accommodated with suitable facilities following the sale of the land.  The local Fianna Fáil Councillor has also said that nearby residents must be fully consulted about developments on the site.

“It’s a sad day to see a large greenfield site in a busy residential area being sold off for development.  Not only has this site added to the attraction of the Raheny, Killester and Clontarf areas, these sports grounds are used by local clubs and by the school itself,” said Cllr Heney.

“We need a guarantee that the needs of St. Paul’s School and the local sports clubs will continue to be accommodated. I welcome the commitment from the Vincentians that €7m from the profits from the sale will be invested in the school and its grounds.  The needs of the students and the sports clubs that currently make great use of the pitches must be a top priority in this reinvestment.

“I am also calling on the developers to ensure that local residents, particularly those living adjacent to the site, are consulted about proposals for any housing development.  One of the selling points of the area for many of these residents was the rambling green fields on their doorsteps.  Now it looks like much of this will be replaced with buildings. It’s important that residents have their say in what this looks like when completed,” said Cllr Heney.