Cllr Deirdre Heney Fianna Fáil again called on the City Manager to abandon his plans for privatisation of the refuse collection service. She was speaking after the elected members of Dublin City Council (in a specially convened meeting) passed the following Fianna Fáil motion;

This City Council calls on the manager to drop his plans to withdraw from domestic waste collection in Dublin City Council and to produce meaningful and accurate costings of the service.  Furthermore, this City Council calls on the Manager, as part of the estimates process, to efficiently plan, manage and provide a domestic waste collection service to include waste management waivers for low-income households

Cllr Heney said that ‘Dublin City Council, as the dominant operator in the refuse collection market, should be able to operate an efficient, effective and profitable service. Yet rather than introducing appropriate changes in staff, management practices and style, and proving that good public service can work well, the City Manager finds it easier to walk away.

Heney said that “costings provided by management to prove their case were flawed and not based on avoidable costs.  Many of the historical costings charged against the service, will remain whether the service is privatised or not. City Council pensions and loans for previous waste infrastructure etc will still have to be paid, therefore the figures being put forward are erroneous.”

Cllr. Heney said “the danger for Dubliners is that charges will rise & the current waiver for the elderly and less well off will cease. The tax payer will still pay for street cleaning, bottle banks, recycling centres and clearing up illegal dumping.  Cllr. Heney asked “why Dublin City Council would abandon the service yet still have to bear the cost of cleaning up after the private operator.  Has the manager not learned from the Clongriffin issue, where the Courts have ordered DCC to bear the accommodation costs for residents who had to move out of their homes and into hotels.

With compulsory redundancies being ruled out, simply using the 150 staff in other sections of the Council, (that are currently managing without them), sends a wrong message to those who feel we have a bloated public sector. The fact that all staff will be retained proves the point.  Cllr. Heney urged the manager “to abandon his privatisation plans and continue the service in a cost effective and sustainable manner.