Cllr. Deirdre Heney has called on Dublin City Council to provide a big screen for All Ireland Final Day.  In her emergency motion at Dublin City Council’s monthly meeting Heney asked “that Dublin City Council provide a big screen in one of our public spaces or city parks so that as many fans as possible can enjoy the All Ireland Football Final on the 18th September in the company of fellow GAA supporters as it will be so difficult for fans to get tickets for the game”.

Cllr. Heney identified College Green, Dawson Street or Grafton Street as possible venues or indeed some other public central space which could accommodate GAA supporters from across the city who would be unable to get tickets for the big match day.

Cllr. Heney suggested that to assist with the cost of such an event, perhaps the GAA or some other commercial interests in the city might wish to sponsor a big match day screen event.