Fianna Fáil General Election candidate for Roscommon-Galway Shane Curran says the Health Minister Leo Varadkar’s announcement on ambulances will be greeted with scepticism by people in Roscommon as the service in the county is struggling to cope with demand.

Reacting to the Minister’s statement Mr. Curran said, “Once again we see Minister Varadkar trying to media manage his way out of a crisis.  When you analyse the stats it becomes clear that for all of his big promises, the fact of the matter is that based on his figures, there will only be an additional 3 emergency ambulances in the entire fleet.

“Roscommon has already suffered at the hands of Fine Gael after they shut down Roscommon A&E.  They promised that additional ambulances would be assigned to the county but there are now only three ambulances covering all of Roscommon during the day and two at night.  People in Roscommon do not feel safe with the level of cover being provided and it now almost certain that they can expect no improvement in services under Fine Gael and Leo Varadkar.

“Fine Gael and Labour have let the people of Roscommon down.  Minister Varadkar’s handling of the health service has been even more disastrous than his predecessor’s – with longer waiting lists, a crisis in Emergency Departments and the downgrading of essential services in regional hospitals the lasting legacy of his time in office”.