In recent weeks a gang of criminals have targeted the owners of one particular model of car in Clongriffin and Baldoyle areas by robbing the cars wheels and other parts. On one night in October alone, 16 cars were tampered with

Local Fianna Fáil TD, Sean Haughey has said, “Those living in estates in the Clongriffin and Baldoyle area are tormented by thieves and many residents are dreading going out to their cars in the morning in fear of seeing the wheels or hubcaps gone.

“Vehicle crime and other anti-social behaviour have caused a lot of difficulty for locals as of late. As the evenings get darker, some constituents have said they are hesitant to let their children out without their full supervision and don’t like venturing out themselves either.

“Community Gardaí play an essential role in preventing crime and helping communities feel safe and well protected – those in Clongriffin would feel more at ease if there was a greater Garda presence and an increase in Garda patrols.

“Thankfully, these issues are somewhat caused by the same group of individuals and while I believe extra Garda resources are paramount for the area, these communities are close knit and help one another out. This a lovely place to live and this recent spate of crime is by no means a reflection of this area as a whole.

“I have made contact with the Garda Commissioner to consider the need for better resources to be allocated to Coolock Garda Station and to properly consider the opening of a station in Clongriffin given its population size.

“I intend on following up on these matters in Dáil Éireann and with the Minister for Justice in the coming days,” he concluded.