Residents in the Castleknock apartment block, Riverwood Hall were issued with termination notices on behalf of a receiver this week indicating they have between nine and 12 weeks to vacate the properties which are now intended to put to put up for sale.

Commenting on the news, local Fianna Fáil TD, Jack Chambers said, “This is not only deeply concerning for all those residing in Riverwood Hall but it also sets a worrying precedent for many living in a similar residence or block of apartments that is owned by one individual owner and in a tenancy agreement.

“The action taken by the receiver this week means that these tenants will hugely struggle to find alternative, suitable or affordable accommodation. If this eviction proceeds as planned then many of the young couples and families affected and who had signed leases in good faith, could likely face homelessness due to housing shortages in the Greater Dublin Area.

“The Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Bill came into force over two years ago. One crucial element of that legislation was the ‘Tyrrelstown Amendment’ – preventing a landlord or vulture fund from evicting more than ten tenancies at once.

“In this particular instance, notices to quit were sent to the residents of nine properties in the development, one short of being bound by law. This action taken by the receiver goes against the spirit of the laws previously put in place to protect tenants.

He added, “On the one hand, the National Asset Management Agency boasts of its record on delivering public housing in the midst of a worsening housing crisis while on the other it’s possibly aiding the turfing out of people from their homes.

“NAMA through their receivers have potentially given an order to evict over thirty people. At this point in time the agency needs to clarify it’s involvement in this case. I’ve been speaking with a handful of these residents and as you would expect they’re very worried about their future.”