‘Labour TD for Meath East, Dominic Hannigan needs to start being honest with his constituents and quit with his attempts last week in the Dáil to muddy the waters with regard to the Bank Guarantee and Septic Tank Charges’ says Fianna Fáil Senator, Thomas Byrne.

‘In recent comments regarding his flip-flop over supporting the Government Bank Guarantee, Deputy Hannigan has claimed that he voted last week in favour of extending the guarantee to “protect ordinary depositors”. Deputy Hannigan should know that depositors have always been protected up to a value of €100,000 under a different scheme. His vote last week did nothing to change that. Like a lot of things Deputy Hannigan was against this before he was for it,’ said Senator Byrne.

‘Deputy Hannigan in his contribution to the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011 which introduced registration fees for the Septic Tanks claimed that “A figure of €300 a year to register the tank has been thrown around in the media and at these local meetings. I also know that public notices put in shops by Fianna Fáil in rural areas in Meath is peddling this myth.”

‘Deputy Hannigan needs to know that my public meetings are only informed by facts and I will be inviting Deputy Hannigan to the next one so that he can see people’s reaction to the imposition of charges on rural households,’ added Senator Byrne.

‘Deputy Hannigan needs to quit attempting to muddy the waters regarding Septic Tanks and instead be open and upfront with the people he is supposed to represent.’

‘He isn’t in opposition anymore and can’t continue to make claims without facts,’ concluded Senator Byrne.