Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education, Thomas Byrne has said the constant re-announcement of funding for projects is raising false hopes for third level education.

His comments come as the Government held yet another glossy launch for its Human Capital Initiative, a project first announced in 2018.

Deputy Byrne said, “It is somewhat disingenuous of the Minister for Education, the Minister for Higher Education and the Taoiseach to stand with signs implying that they are investing €300 million more in our third level institutions.

This measure was first announced in 2018, but the Government did not put a cent to it. Only €60 million has been allocated in Budget 2020.

“Each time, these same funds are put forward as if for the first time. The Government think they are hood-winking the public – they aren’t.

“While these funds are welcome, and the issues they seek to address are urgent, they do nothing to address the wider funding crisis in Higher Education.

“All the while Universities are tumbling down the rankings. We have a government more interested in being seen to do something than actually addressing the problem”, he concluded.