Dublin West Fianna Fáil Councillor David McGuinness has described Greyhound’s proposed increase in bin charges due to be implemented on July 1st as a ‘farce’. The rationale for the increase is spurious and does not stand up to scrutiny.

A letter in the Irish Times (Friday 22nd June) by Éamonn Walsh, a former senior engineer in Fingal County Council’s environment department, outlined the facts of this situation:


Greyhound Waste has just informed its Dublin customers of an increase of €1 per lift of a 240 litre black bin with effect from July 1st, 2012. The sole reason given by circular letter is the increase in the Government landfill levy by €15 per tonne from the same date.

Greyhound’s own web site refers to a black bin average weight of 20 kilo per lift in a three- bin collection system. Even allowing for an above-average 30 kilo, the additional landfill levy charge only comes to 45 cent per lift, less than half the increase being passed on to its customers by Greyhound.

This represents an overcharge of at least €14 per household per annum for a household presenting a black bin every fortnight, or €1.4 million per 100,000 such customers

“Dublin residents deserve better than this rip off. This government’s policy of privatising bin collections throughout the city has already come in for heavy criticism. Thousands of residents who relied on waivers had a huge financial burden imposed on them callously. Now all Greyhound customers are getting ripped off under these new charges and it is now time for Minister Hogan to come out of hiding and demand a meeting with Greyhound on behalf of Dublin residents,” concluded Cllr. McGuinness.