Speaking following’s today’s referendum in Greece Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin said: “Now that the public vote in Greece has concluded we express our hope that the situation in Greece can move on in a more constructive way whether this is possible within a European framework is hard to tell following the referendum result.  While the politicians manoeuvre on both sides, the people of Greece are enduring appalling hardships and all Europeans must be extremely conscious of this.

“The chaos that we have seen in the last week has not done anything positive for Greece’s prospects or for European stability.  It is far from clear what the outcome of this referendum means in real terms, but that clarity is needed and needed urgently.  Europe is better and stronger when we are united in common purpose and debt sustainability plays a key part in this.  We would hope also that the Irish government might play a more positive and constructive role in the political process that follows now than it has to date.”