Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly has called on Minister Simon Harris to investigate how “wholly unsuitable” doctors have been hired in Irish hospitals.  He made the call after the President of the High Court Mr Justice Peter Kelly’s raised issues with the calibre of some doctors employed by the HSE.

Deputy Donnelly explained, “Mr. Justice Peter Kelly’s findings are very alarming and point to serious deficiencies in the hiring process for doctors.  He stated that he has come across a number of negligence cases where doctors “with little knowledge of the basics of medicine” are working in the Irish health system, describing them as “wholly unsuitable”.

“The case before him today was extremely disturbing as the doctor was found not to have “the basic level of competency required, even at a junior level” and was reported as “making wild clinical assessments” in a maternity hospital.

“This obviously poses a substantial danger to patient safety and is simply unacceptable.  The Minister needs to investigate this issue as a matter of priority.  He needs to answer a number of important questions including how this has happened?; how many “wholly unqualified” doctors are now working in our hospitals?; what level of threat to patient safety exists?; and what failures of patient safety may have already occurred?

“Minister Harris should come before the Dáil to answer these and other questions relating to these serious, and potentially life-threatening issues”.