Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Children Charlie McConalogue has called on the Irish Government to ensure that it is represented at a meeting in Kazakhstan tomorrow to set up adoption arrangements with Kazakhstan.  All countries wishing to establish an adoption arrangement with Kazakhstan were invited to the meeting, but the Irish Government has so far made no effort to attend.


Deputy McConalogue tackled Minister of State John Perry about the matter in the Dáil this week (Wednesday, 09 May).  Minister Perry claimed the Government was not given enough notice to make arrangements to attend and confirmed that Ireland will be not be represented.


Speaking afterwards, Deputy McConalogue said, “It will come as a bitter disappointment to hundreds of Irish parents who desperately want to adopt children that in this instance, the Government has made absolutely no effort to attend a meeting that would open up new possibilities for them. 


“Kazakhstan is signed up to the Hague Adoption Convention, requiring it to make ‘administrative arrangements’ for inter-country adoptions to take place.  Other countries will be represented at this meeting and will be progressing arrangements to allow their citizens adopt children from Kazakhstan.  The fact that Ireland will not be present means that the door will remain closed for Irish parents. 


“The Government can make all the excuses it likes about needing more notice, but that will simply not wash in this day and age. Minister Perry admitted that the Government knew by Monday that the meeting would be taking place on Friday.  Four days is certainly enough time to investigate the possibility of sending a representative from the Irish Embassy in Moscow or setting up a conference call link to the meeting.


“Parents in this country who desperately want to adopt expect urgency from this Government to open up all possible opportunities for them.  They won’t accept the dilly-dallying and excuses we have seen on this occasion. I am again appealing to the Government to investigate all possibilities of securing representation at this important meeting,” said Deputy McConalogue.