Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Niamh Smyth has hit out at the Business Minister following her claim that she’s prioritising the Border region.  Minister Humphreys has been in the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation for almost one year yet during all of 2017 there were a total of 2 IDA site visits in Cavan and only one in Monaghan.  So far this year there have been no visits to either county.

Deputy Smyth commented, “The hallmark of this government is a strong concentration on spin without much in the way of delivery, and the same can be said of investment across Cavan and Monaghan.  Despite the Minister’s constant assertions that the border region is a priority, the reality paints a very different picture.

“Over the past number of months there have been a number of significant jobs announcements in this area, and while the Taoiseach and his Cabinet colleagues were rushing to Combilift for a photoshoot, the fact of the matter is that this highly accomplished company is a local success story, built from the bottom up and Leo Varadkar has had very little input into its expansion.

“In fact, the government’s record on securing investment for the border region has been abysmal.  All of the recent announcements have been in indigenous businesses because the government has failed to bring any Foreign Direct Investment into the region.  The latest IDA site visit data speaks for itself.  NO site visits to either Cavan or Monaghan so far this year.

“While indigenous companies are the backbone of our communities, a well-balanced economy needs a combination of local and FDI investment.  That is simply not happening under Fine Gael.  I am urging Minister Humphreys and her Cabinet colleagues to stop with the spin and start delivering on their promises.  It is only then that counties like Cavan and Monaghan can compete effectively and grow a stable economy”.