Fianna Fail council leader in Meath Cllr Shane Cassells has demanded that the full plan for hospital services in the North East be put in the public domain by Minister for Health James Reilly.
His call comes following Minister Reilly’s remarks that the Accident and Emergency department at Navan hospital would stay open until Christmas while laboratory facilities would be closed.
“It is time that the real plan for the North East region – not just Navan – is put on the table and people can see where the new Government stand on our hospital,” remarked Cassells.
“We have gone from a situation where on February 12th of this year the Fine Gael election team pledged on the front of the Meath Chronicle to have the new regional hospital open inside five years.
“Now just 100 days after gaining power the best they can do is pledge to keep the A+E in Navan hospital open until Christmas.
“James Reilly and every other opposition TD stood on a stage in front of 10,000 people and pledged their support for Navan Hospital last October.
“Six months grace is hardly anything to be singing and dancing about considering that Deputy Damien English pledged on his election material that Fine Gael would not remove services.”