Kildare North TD James Lawless has condemned the Government’s lack of action on tackling the anomaly whereby returning Irish emigrants are being forced out of the car insurance market due to extremely high quotations. In many cases they cannot find a company or broker who will insure them and often the figure can run into tens of thousands when they do find someone willing to take them on.

Deputy Lawless said, “This is not the first time I have assisted a resident who has returned to Kildare, eager to start working at home again, only to be set back by soaring motor insurance cost, all because he or she had been living out of the country and driving experience and no claims bonuses were not recognised during their time away.

“While a working group has been formulated to address this and other maters around the insurance industry people like Niall Burke, who I have been assisting since he returned home from Canada are left not able to work due to inadequate transport links and sky high insurance costs. In the end Niall had to pay three times the cost of his car in insurance fees which amounted to nearly €4000 despite having a full licence and many years no claims.

“It is imperative that the actions set out in a recently agreed Dáil motion on motor insurance, initiated by Fianna Fáil, are implemented without further delay.

“The passing of our motion recently was the first step in a process, which will hopefully clamp down on soaring motor insurance premiums. The motion called for the introduction of practical measures such as; the re-establishment of the Motor Insurance Advisory Board on a time limited basis; greater disclosure around policy renewal notifications; action on the settlement of cases and dealing with false and exaggerated claims.

“We are determined to ensure that consumers get a fair deal and the series of measures my party colleagues and I have proposed, would reduce these inflated premiums for people like Niall and others who return home after years of working abroad.”