Fianna Fáil Junior Spokesperson for Local Government, Shane Cassells TD, has expressed concern at the lack of post enactment reports being published by the Government. Deputy Cassells was commenting as information received by Fianna Fáil has shown that just one in four bills passed since 2013 have undergone the required review.

Deputy Cassells explained, “Under Dáil rules each Minister is required to publish a post-enactment report on every Bill their Department has passed since March 2013. The report is due to be published 12 months following the Bill being passed.

“Information gleaned by my Party has shown that just 47 post enactment reports have been published out of 185 eligible Bills. Some Departments such as Housing, Planning and Local Government have published no reports at all despite passing dozens of bills. In total, eight Government Departments have failed to publish a single post enactment report, while others are way behind.

“The idea of these reports is to see if the bill is doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s a chance to ensure that they are no unforeseen consequences and to strengthen any future bills in the area. It’s time for each Minister to catch up on their long overdue work”, concluded Deputy Cassells.