Despite promising to act urgently to protect workers affected by the High Court ruling last week in relation to JLCs, the Government has now admitted that it will not introduce necessary legislation for several months, Willie O’Dea Fianna Fail spokesperson on Enterprise said today.

Speaking in the Dáil today, the Taoiseach acknowledged the difficult situation in which low paid workers now find themselves saying “it is true to say that the issue surrounding the vulnerability of workers is obviously of concern”. Yet he says it will “not…be possible for the Minister for Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation to have this rectified before the summer recess”.

Responding, Deputy O’Dea said: “As a result of the ruling last week, workers who are already vulnerable, have found themselves in an even more precarious position. The Government must act immediately.  It is simply not good enough to cite the complexity of the situation for delaying the introduction of much needed protection measures”.

“Given that the Government doesn’t recognise the urgency of the situation, I feel that it is up to Fianna Fail to act. As such, we will urgently examine over the weekend whether it is possible to introduce legislation ourselves to provide some measure of reassurance for these vulnerable workers.”