Bandon Town Councillor Margaret Murphy O’ Mahony has said that despite the election of three government deputies in the 2011 General Election, the constituency of Cork South West has been left with little more than broken and empty promises.

“Nearly two years into office, the Government TDs, who were elected on a wave of a popular vote, have failed to deliver on their commitments that were made on the doorstep during the election of 2011,” remarked Cllr Murphy O’ Mahony.

“As a Councillor, I see first-hand every day the hardship that many families in the Bandon area are suffering hardships that are replicated throughout the constituency.

“Of particular concern to me are the recent cuts in the health sector, with the ambulance service being the latest in a long line of important services in the area facing the axe.

“Any cuts to this service is a redline issue, particularly with the geographical size of the constituency and it seems that Deputies Daly, Harrington and McCarthy have failed to convince Minister James Reilly of the folly of the HSE’s decision.

“Certainly Deputy Jim Daly’s comments in a recent press release, when he described the organisers of a bed push from Skibbereenn to the CUH ‘as scaremongering for no other reason than attracting cheap headlines on a very emotive issue’, shows a contempt for the people of West Cork who are engaging in the democratic process.

“As an elected representative myself, I believe that all voices have a right to be heard and peaceful demonstrations have long being an important fabric of our democracy.”