Thousands of used stamps collected over the past few years made their way to the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa to support their work in the Horn of Africa where famine has threatened the lives of over 12 million people.
Boxes of used stamps were delivered by Cllr David Grant to the Order’s Mission in Dundalk, Co Louth where they were gratefully received by Sr Frances Mylott.  The Franciscan Sisters have been collecting stamps for many years and use them as a source of income to carry out their missionary work in Africa.
The Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa were founded by Theresa Kearney from Knockrahen, Arklow following her own experiences in Africa as a novice, which began in 1903. Today the Order provides health, education, social and pastoral services in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
“I am delighted to be a position to support the good work carried out by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in particular at this time in the Horn of Africa.  The recent images that we have seen on our televisions have been terribly upsetting and moving.
Over the past number of years I have been collecting used stamps and had built up quite an amount.  I felt it was time that they were put to some use for the good of others.  By making the stamps available to the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa I know that the income raised from them will help the famine relief works that are so urgently needed in Africa today” said Cllr Grant.
“This is a simple, effective and cost free way to assist the on-going efforts in Africa to help so many hungry people.  I am urging anyone who is in a position to collect stamps at work or home to do so.  Any amount collected will be delivered to the Franciscan Sisters.  Please contact me through my website, and arrangements can be made to collect them” concluded Cllr Grant.