Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party Chairman and TD for Cavan Monaghan Brendan Smith TD has ridiculed Sinn Féin coalition speculation, describing the SF Leader Gerry Adams as the Walter Mitty of Irish politics.

Deputy Smith commented, “Fianna Fáil has been absolutely clear and consistent in saying that we will not be making any deals with Sinn Féin before, during or after the General Election. Voters know this, but that hasn’t stopped the Government or its supporters from trying to mislead voters and distract them from the crises unfolding in health, housing and Irish Water.

“What is amazing however, is that the remarks of Gerry Adams would be taken in any way seriously. Just weeks ago, Mr Adams and his colleagues were unveiling what we were told was a major development in Irish politics – namely, his commitment to the ‘Right2Change’ platform. This left wing agenda was going to transform the entire political scene and usher in Adams For Taoiseach. Of course it disintegrated within days when other left wing groups and candidates tripped over each other to disassociate themselves from Sinn Féin.

“Gerry Adams is the Walter Mitty of Irish politics. He will say or do anything to be noticed and his recent contortions on post-election coalitions are just the latest example of that. Fianna Fáil will not be facilitating Mr Adams or his colleagues in any way, shape or form when it comes to coalitions.

“Fianna Fáil will be contesting the election based on the ambitious, progressive and realistic proposals that will be contained in our manifesto. Our organisation and candidates will be focused on gaining the maximum number of votes and seats based on these proposals. We will not be distracted by Government spin or media commentary regarding the makeup of the next Government before the outcome of the election,” said Deputy Smith.