Fianna Fáil Senator Robbie Gallagher has called on the Justice Minister to increase engagement with the City and County Managers Association to ensure the swift roll-out of CCTV to communities which need it.

Under the legislation governing the CCTV schemes, the local authority must act as a data controller, however, a number of local authorities have failed to agree to this.

Senator Gallagher commented, “CCTV is an invaluable tool in the context of deterring people from engaging in crime or public disorder.  It will never replace having actual officers on the beat, but it is extremely useful in assisting Gardaí in investigations.  It also gives comfort and security to communities, and those who have CCTV schemes operating in their area, feel safer.

“Last week, there was an incident in Monaghan town in which a young man was viciously assaulted.  These attacks are becoming increasingly common, and are leading to a real sense of fear among locals.  We can’t underestimate the importance of a functioning CCTV scheme in deterring people from engaging in criminal activity.  This valuable tool is particularly important in the context of the reduced Garda numbers in the Cavan-Monaghan division.

“I raised this issue with the Justice Minister in the Seanad this week and was disappointed to learn that the dispute between the Department and the City and County Managers Association has still not been resolved.  This means CCTV schemes are being delayed.  Twenty eight out of the 31 local authorities have agreed to take on the role of data controller, but a real effort must be made to get the remaining councils on board.

“I will be continuing to pursue this issue until CCTV schemes can be rolled out in every county across the country”.