Millstreet Convent National School is in urgent need of three new classrooms and the Government needs to immediately deal with an application from the school for support.

Cork North West Deputy Michael Moynihan raised the issue during a special debate in the Dáil today.

He commented: “The school population of Millstreet Convent National School has shot up in recent years and the school is full to capacity. Last year there were 218 enrolments, with 244 this year, it is expected to rise even further in the coming years. There is an urgent need for a new classroom and two learning support rooms. The Board of Management of the school have applied for Capital Funding but with the new school year already well underway, this process cannot be delayed.

“I have called on the Minister for Education to immediately assess the criteria for this grant and make a decision without further delay. The Board of Management needs some certainty with this, the school as it stands, cannot cope with the increased numbers enrolling year on year. In such a rural community, families often don’t have a choice between schools because of the distance between them.

“We need a long-term solution to this problem not just a short-term fix. In 2008, the school applied for capital funding. Instead of having pre-fabricated buildings constructed, the Board of Management wisely used the money along with some revenue raised through fundraising to construct extra classrooms.

“I would urge the Government to ensure funding is provided for permanent classrooms and not just temporary accommodation.”