“Fraudulent insurance claims are costing each and every consumer hundreds of euro, and Fianna Fáil is determined to make would-be fraudsters think twice about making false claims,” said Spokesperson on Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Billy Kelleher TD.

Deputy Kelleher was speaking ahead of the 2nd stage debate on his ‘Civil Liability and Courts (Amendment) Bill’ which seeks to reduce the number of fraudulent insurance claims by ensuring false claims are dealt with under the law.

“Premiums are continuing to increase, and one of the main factors is the excessive number of false claims for compensation. This leads to rising living costs for all of us and putting the cost of insurance beyond many people.

“Anyone who suffers injury or harm resulting from an accident is deserving of fair compensation. However, many criminals are making false claims for compensation as insurers in Ireland have a habit of paying out compensation without appropriate investigations.

“Even when false claims are identified, legal action against them often does not ensue. This needs to be dealt with, and that’s why I have drafted this bill.

“We need to make it clear to would-be false claimants that if your claim is determined as being false, you will face consequences.

“If passed, the bill would direct a court to must refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions where a case is deemed to be a fraudulent action. This will be achieved by amending Section 26 of the 2004 Civil Liability and Courts Act.

“My bill will not stop every false insurance claim, but it will ensure that those who engage in this criminal activity face legal consequences. This will, I believe, make many think twice about going down this route.

“The rocketing cost of living in Ireland must be addressed. This bill, in addition to other measures from me and other party spokespersons, is part of the solution, concluded Kelleher.