Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Flood Relief Eugene Murphy has called on Ministers Naughten and Canney to put aside their petty squabbling and ensure that a scheme, which will allow flood affected families to relocate, to proceed.

Reports today reveal that the plan, which affects a number of communities in Roscommon and Galway, has been delayed because of internal wranglings between the two line Ministers.  The scheme was brought before the Cabinet a number of weeks ago but has still not been given the green light.

Deputy Murphy commented, “Ministers Naughten and Canney need to put their differences aside and start working together in the best interests of the affected families.  These people have been left devastated by flooding, losing their homes and land.  This Government made a series of promises to help people in flood affected areas, but the reality of the situation is that very little has actually been done.

“The seriousness of the situation was brought into sharp focus last year, when the winter storms left thousands of people saw their homes submerged under high waters.  It took many of these families months to get back on their feet again, but unfortunately for others they have simply not been able to recover.  This relocation scheme gives them an opportunity to start afresh, but the disagreements between the two Ministers with responsibility for the plan are delaying its roll out.

“Ministers Naughten and Canney must put these families first.  It is imperative that this scheme get off the ground, and soon.  It is almost 18 months since some of these families were hit by the winter storms, and it is unacceptable that it has taken this long to devise a scheme to help them.

“I’m calling on the Ministers to work together to ensure that this plan is given Cabinet approval and is rolled out without any further delays”.