The leader of the Fianna Fail group on Dublin City Council Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick has, on behalf of the Fianna Fail Group,  called on the Lord Mayor of Dublin to urgently convene a special meeting of Dublin City Council to discuss and agree how Councillors can prevent the City Manager from withdrawing the Domestic Waste Collection Service in Dublin City.
In a report to Dublin City Councillors the Dublin City Manager has indicated that he will withdraw from the provision of domestic waste collection services on December 5, 2011.  
“The Fianna Fail group on Dublin City Council are extremely concerned over this proposal and believe Councillors from other political groups share our concerns.  The fact is that Dublin City Council has been collecting domestic waste for more than 100 years in the capital.  Any decision to cease providing the service raises concerns for city residents and the decision should be given serious debate by the City Councillors” says Fianna Fail group leader Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick.
The Fianna Fail group consists of Cllr Tom Brabazon, Cllr Julia Carmicheal, Cllr Deirdre Heney, Cllr Paul McAuliffe, Cllr Jim O’Callaghan and Group Leader Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick.  
Their request to the Lord Mayor has been made in accordance with Dublin City Council Standing orders which allow any five elected members to request a special meeting.  The Standing Orders also state that if the Lord Mayor neglects to convene such special meeting within a week of receiving the request the meeting can be convened without the Lord Mayors support.