Members of Fingal County Council have unanimously backed a Fianna Fáil Motion opposing the outright removal of Dublin Fire Brigade from Dublin’s Ambulance Services.

The Motion was put forward by Fianna Fáil Councillors Mags Murray, Darragh Butler, Brian Dennehy, Jack Chambers, Eoghan O’Brien, David McGuinness and Adrian Henchy and it received the backing of all parties in the chamber.

The Fianna Fáil Whip on Fingal County Council, Cllr Darragh Butler, explained, “This is a strong vote of confidence in the fire brigade’s vital role in Dublin’s ambulance services.  Fingal Council is sending out the message that it is completely unacceptable to essentially undermine Dublin’s ambulance services by removing the highly trained paramedics provided by Dublin Fire Brigade.

“Councillors from all sides agreed with Fianna Fáil agreed that this is an extremely short-sighted and potentially dangerous decision.  The HSE is effectively trying to reduce the capacity of Dublin’s ambulance services by cutting out the involvement of the Fire Brigade.  Given that unlike the National Ambulance service, the Fire Brigade has a base in every single town and village across Dublin this decision makes absolutely no sense.

“We need to be looking at getting the most from what the Fire Brigade has to offer in terms of responding to emergencies. Dublin needs more skilled paramedics and more emergency resources, not less. The Fianna Fáil team on Fingal County Council will continue to push this issue and lobby for the continued involvement of Dublin Fire Brigade in our local ambulance services.”