Fianna Fáil Press Office
Senator Darragh O’Brien
Dublin Fingal

10 February 2016

Fine Gael will doublecross, downgrade and decrease transport in Fingal – O’Brien

Fianna Fáil candidate for Dublin Fingal Senator Darragh O’Brien has warned that Fine Gael will doublecross the people of Fingal by downsizing trains and decreasing the transport service to north Dublin.

“They broke their firm promise to deliver the Metro in the last election. At that time Metro North had a comprehensive business analysis, planning permission and a Railway Order, with a capacity of 20,000 passengers per hour. Metro North was ready to START. Fine Gael now want to downsize the trains and stations and DECREASE passengers numbers to 12,000, but long-finger it until 2027.It makes no economic or social sense whatever.

“Our local transport system links our people and our businesses to the Dublin City Region, via what should be a rapidly expanding integrated transport network. Businesses and consumers benefit from the well-developed road infrastructure but there are glaring deficits on the Northside, with capacity and integration the key ones. The Dublin Metro and the DART Underground are absolutely essential for our ever-growing city, most particularly in North County, the fastest-growing county in the country.

“If we add up the transport monies spent on the southside of Dublin over the past twenty years between the Luas and the DART and other road and rail initiatives, paid for by us taxpayers, it is clear that we Northsiders got an extremely bad deal. The recent ‘election’ announcement by the government of a much-reduced Metro North, which would not operate until 2027, is scarcely believable, but is anyway totally inadequate. The growth of business and population in Fingal could well have doubled by 2027, but Fine Gael wants to cut the capacity of the Metro by 40%, all for the sake of €460 million over ten years.

“We should not accept second best for Fingal and should let Fine Gael know how we feel about their diluted and diminished transport plans for north Dublin,” added Senator O’Brien.