Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin West Jack Chambers has responded to comments from Fine Gael criticising his party’s proposals for Dáil reform.

Deputy Chambers commented, “It is exceptionally disappointing to see a newly elected Fine Gael TD attack our proposals for Dáil reform and revert to the same old tired anti-FF rhetoric.

“Fine Gael misjudged the electorate in the recent General Election in a fairly spectacular way and it seems like they are intent on ignoring the lessons of the result.  Whatever else can be said of the election result, one thing is crystal clear – people want change.  They want a change of government and they want a change in how politics is conducted in this country.

“We have an immediate opportunity as a group of 158 TDs to make that change happen in a non-adversarial and mature way.  Fianna Fáil is suggesting that as a Dáil we take that opportunity and move quickly.

“Fine Gael’s claim, that in seeking Dáil reform we are ignoring key issues such as homelessness, is disingenuous and deeply cynical.  The fact that these claims are being presented in the name of a first time TD who, like me, has not yet even taken his place in the chamber, suggests that Fine Gael still have no idea of what is actually happening in our country and have not heard the very loud demand for change.”