Fianna Fáil Dublin Rathdown Constituency Representative, Justin McAleese has said that the Government’s strategy on housing, ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ is having little impact on solving the homelessness crisis.

The South Dublin based representative was commenting amid reports this week that the Department of Housing is keen to change the current publication of homelessness figures from monthly to every three months.

He commented, “The Government keeps telling us that the ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ strategy is working. People like Sr. Stan Kennedy and Brother Kevin Crowley tell us that it is not. When you compare the level of homelessness in March 2018 to March 2017 it is clear that the Government’s strategy is failing.

“The figures show that there are 1,126 more adults and 1,003 more children in homelessness in March 2018 compared to March 2017.

“This issue is causing stress in homes all across the city. People are upset at the thought of young families not having a roof over their heads and the impact it has on family life and on a child’s education. This inequality will have long term implications on these families.

“The inability of the Rebuilding Ireland strategy to get to grips with the housing crisis continues to drive more people and families into homelessness. Those that are lucky to have a roof over their heads are at the mercy of landlords. The core problem of lack of new supply remains unaddressed.

“The Government recently suggested that reviewing the homelessness figures on a quarterly basis would be more useful than tracking them from month to month.

“Fianna Fáil will resist this change, but no matter how you present the figures, the result is clear – double digit growth in homelessness year after year.

“Recent figures from the Department of Housing say that South Dublin County Council did not build a single public housing unit last year. Strip back all the rhetoric and the simple fact remains – you’re not going to fix the homelessness crisis unless you build new homes”, he concluded.