Fianna Fáil Press Office
Cllr Cormac Devlin
Dún Laoghaire

06 February 2016

Fianna Fáil will raise state pension – Devlin

Fianna Fáil candidate for Dún Laoghaire Cllr Cormac Devlin maintains that the party will raise the State Pension, both the Contributory & Non-Contributory, by €30 over the lifetime of the Government.

“Older people deserve an adequate income in retirement and a decent standard of living. Fianna Fáil will deliver for older people and will increase the State Pension by €30. Furthermore, we will raise the Living Alone Allowance to €15. We will also abolish the waste that is Irish Water, scrap water charges and abolish prescription charges. Living as I do in the constituency with the largest senior population, I am very much aware of the predicament faced by many who have seen their pensions dwindle.

“Despite their claims to have protected older people, the actions of Fine Gael and Labour tell a different story. There has been a raft of harsh and regressive cuts and measures that have directly affected the incomes of older people. Older people have seen a fivefold increase in prescription fees, changes to the eligibility criteria for medical cards, the axing of the telephone allowance, reductions in the vital Household Benefits Package, the abolition of the Bereavement Grant and the introduction of water charges.

“It is a myth pedalled by the Government that older people have been protected. No amount of spin can take away from the fact that under Fine Gael and Labour the rate of deprivation for those aged 65 and over has increased from 9.5% in 2009 to 14.3% in 2014. In Government Fianna Fáil will put an end to Fine Gael’s and Labour’s agenda to target those who have the least to give. Fianna Fáil will deliver for older people. We will create a fairer society and we will ensure that under our watch older people are given the resources that they need to live full and independent lives,” vowed Cllr Devlin.