Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Jobs & Enterprise Dara Calleary has hit out at Fine Gael led government for creating a deeply unfair two tier recovery.  Economic growth has not been spread across the country – with 43% of the Irish GDP being generated in the capital, and over 50% in the Greater Dublin Area.

Dara Calleary commented, “This is a very disproportionate concentration in one area and is not sustainable for Dublin or the regions. To put into perspective, London accounts for 20% of the UK’s total GDP.

“While any job creation is of course welcome, our capital accounted for over half (52%) of the employment gains during 2015. Meanwhile, between December 2014 and December 2015 there were 2,500 fewer people employed the Western region”.

Fianna Fáil has put forward a detailed jobs package to incentivise enterprise and deliver decent jobs in all our communities. In government, we will:

– Incentivise job creation by reducing employers PRSI
– Increase self-employed earned income tax credit by 300% to €1,650
– Move towards a social welfare safety net for the self employed
– Create a full state enterprise bank by licencing the SBCI to lend directly to SME
– Empower entrepreneurs to set up new businesses by providing relief from capital gains tax @10% (up to €15m gains limit)
– Roll out digital hubs based on the Digital Hub Development Agency model

“Fianna Fáil’s jobs package will ensure an Ireland built on strong, safe and enterprising communities and end the two tier recovery that is leaving many Irish communities behind”, he concluded.