Fianna Fáil Senators Catherine Ardagh, Lorraine Clifford-Lee and Lisa Chambers are calling for a public health awareness campaign on the Menopause to be implemented. The Senators have applauded RTÉ’s Liveline for their public service over the last few days on the topic of Menopause.  

Senator Catherine Ardagh commented, “We need a public health awareness campaign on the Menopause. We know there are 30,000 women waiting on public gynaecology lists, this has to change. These numbers need to reduce. Women have been suffering in silence and it’s time this silence was ended.”  

Senator Catherine Ardagh said there is a “serious information deficit” and she believes there is a need for young women to be educated about menopause in detail while at school.  

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee said “Women’s health should not be a taboo subject. Many women over the past number of days have opened up to Joe Duffy and the people of Ireland about the menopause.   

“Women’s health needs to be normalised and women need to know what to expect, and where the help is available and to access it. There are treatments and supports available and women need to know where to turn to.”  

Senator Lisa Chambers added, “The mentality that it’s just part of getting older as a woman and you have to live with these side effects of menopause like the hot flashes, the sweats, lack of sleep and pain.  

“I do think the HSE needs to do an information campaign around menopause, what to look out for and how to treat it and that there is treatment and that you don’t have to live with it.  

“Women don’t have to suffer in silence.”