Fianna Fáil’s General Election preparations in the capital took another step forward tonight, as Councillor Jack Chambers was selected to represent the party in the upcoming General Election in the constituency of Dublin West.

Up to 400 members and supporters gathered in the Carlton Hotel in Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15 for the selection convention chaired by Senator Darragh O’Brien. Councillors Jack Chambers and David McGuinness sought the nomination at the closely contested convention.

Councillor Chambers commented, “I am deeply honoured to have been chosen by Fianna Fáil delegates to contest this key constituency. It is my firm belief that we will recapture the seat held by our late colleague and friend Brian Lenihan. By doing so we will restore strong, constructive representation to the people of Dublin West.

“Much has been said and much has been written about the last election, but I genuinely believe that the next election, the General Election that we could find ourselves fighting at any stage over the next 12 months, is the most important election for the country for a very long time.

“In the context the country is facing, the role of Fianna Fáil has never been more important. Many families in this part of Dublin don’t feel any recovery. Instead, they feel only an ever tightening squeeze on their resources. They watch as our children bear the brunt of cuts and listen to a Government that simply doesn’t get it. The people of this constituency know more than most the investment that is needed in our schools and in services for children. The cost of childcare is a major issue for families in Dublin 15, Ashtown and the Navan Road, and I am proud that Fianna Fáil is making this a major plank of policy development platform.

“Fianna Fáil stands for equality and opportunity. The Fianna Fáil plan for Ireland in 2016 will be about promoting enterprise and returning fairness to the centre of public policy. Foreign direct investment has been important for Dublin West but tackling costs and access to credit for small business owners needs to be to the fore as well. This Government has lost the faith of the people because it was elected on the basis of lies and abandoned the core principle of fairness that always informed Fianna Fáil decisions, even in the worst of times.

“My vow tonight is to work to give our communities hope. We will not be making any promises we cannot keep in this election campaign, but we will be setting out an alternative vision for the future of our country.

Councillor Chambers also paid tribute to his opponent Councillors David McGuinness and the Fianna Fáil organisation in Dublin West. He commented, “David and I ran a respectful and professional campaign. We treated this process with the seriousness it deserves and I now look forward to working with the entire organisation in this constituency to bring our message to every voter and every community. This was a highly competitive selection process which is testament to the levels of energy within Fianna Fáil in this constituency.”